Is this a fake or what??

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  1. my vote is fake. Doesnt even have a creed in there :smile:
    and i think someone is going to tell you this post bel ongs in the "authenticate this " thread :supacool:
  2. I would have posted there, but, when I have posted in there in the past nobody answers.
  3. Whoa and very terrible fake at that:throwup:
  4. horrible! i wouldn't even buy it for $.01

    shouldn't someone alert the buyers?
  5. I reported it:yes: Hopefully it gets pulled:Push:
  6. That's a funny fake. Lol
  7. Wow, that should be posted in "funniest/worst fakes ever"
  8. What the...gross
  9. The creed is hilarious!! It's like a fake wannabe speedy LOL!! Authentic ones have 2 Cs pointing upward or downward, then 2 Cs connecting, it's that pattern throughout the purse, that one you're questioning only has one C in the pattern.
  10. :confused1: please follow the same rules everyone else follows.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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