Is this a fair price?

  1. I belong to a Bags Yahoo group which sells a lot of designer diaper bags and handbags and just recently listed my Pirata Buon Viaggio for sale. I have used this minimally. Handful of times really. I have only been asking 100.00 dollars shipped for it and so far I have gotten no responses to my listing at all. Is this considered a fair price for this bag that has really no use to it? It just sits in my closet? Should I lower the price on it? I have no idea what these bags go for and cant seem to find one of these on eBay that is used to compare it to. I just hope I am not asking too much or too little, but either way, I am not getting any takers..what is wrong with the bag? Is this one out of style now? Do you think this is a fair price? Any help is appreciated! ;)
  2. Thanks for the link! I am new here and just learning my way around. I knew I could find some help here. Thanks!! :heart:
  3. I think it is a fair price.

    But what I've noticed on eBay is that unless a bag is really rare (like an original print or a foresta in certain styles) if it is used at all, they almost never go for more than 50% of the original price.
  4. I've seen quite a few barely used ones sell for about 75% of their original you're right in the ballpark....if not lower?
  5. I wonder if that's the same bag one of our members is selling

    and whoa....where are you guys seeing these prices?
  6. I've just seen them when I've been watching a few I was interested in. I almost bought a used one from a seller named "snotgirl" (ugh!) then changed my mind....but she sold a citta rosa campeggio for $100 + shipping. That's just one example. That was a month ago.
  7. wow...was it good placement?
    But 75% off...where?

  8. Where are you a member of? I had it listed on a Babybags group..:smile: I just dont think it is going to sell unless I drop the price even more which sucks since i paid full price for it. :shrugs:
  9. Is it a new and never used bag? $100 is a very good price if it's new - even lightly used thats a good price. I hope you find a buyer :biggrin:
  10. I have used it twice. It looks brand new. Still no takers though. Makes me sad... :sad:
  11. Aw, don't be sad. Maybe try eBay.
  12. did you post pics of the bag when you were trying to sell it? if not, maybe that's why.
  13. When I saw your post on the Yahoo group a few days ago, my first though was "Wow, great price. Too bad I don't want a BV!"

    Hope you find someone to take it off your hands!
  14. Do you still have the bag? I may be interested in purchasing it! email me