Is this a defective PM?

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  1. Hi
    I had to turn in my original PM due to the recall. I have been lucky enough to get several PM’s from online 2 reverse and 2 monogram. Each one of them has had horrible defects. I don’t know how they passed QC to be honest. This last one I received had glue on 2 different areas that I managed to clean off. I noticed the stitching looks weird to me and I can’t for the life of me remember if my original bag looked the same. I also noticed bursted bubbles in the glazing. Now my old bag had bubbles in the glazing so I’m wondering if I should worry about it on this bag. Would you please let me know if this is normal? I don’t have any other bags that have glazing.

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  2. Abbrevations on this forum can be quite misleading these days. I though it's gonna be about a Petite Malle :smile:
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  3. Yet here we are. It's a Metis - what a surprise. :biggrin:
  4. Its normal. Mine is like that the glazing is not neat in some places, nevertheless it has held up regardless. I've had it over a year. I dont think you will be able to get a pochette metis made asthectically perfect for this style of bag.
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  5. The glazing looks as if it's been very sloppily done...
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  6. Thank you!
  7. Thank you. I’m on the fence about it. I was heartbroken when I had to give up my original Métis. Idk if I should just give up on adding it back to collection and go for something else.
  8. I went to pick up a reverse Métis last Friday. The bag was literally brand new, all the stickers still on. The clasp didn’t work. No matter how hard I tried to close it, it popped open. Needless to say I didn’t take it.

    OP, I think it’s time to move on to another bag. If this is your fifth encounter with a Métis, then you might be forever paranoid something is wrong with it. (I’m not saying it’s your fault or that you’re too picky. The bag itself is poorly made.). Or that something wrong will imminently develop. It’s not worth worrying over. I’d get a different bag and enjoy it with no worries. A bag is supposed to bring joy, not angst.
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  9. Forgot to reply to your question. The stitching looks bad to me. I don’t know if the burst bubbles in glazing is going to be a problem. I’d like to know that as well, if someone could weigh in on that.
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  10. Sound advice...
  11. Looks fine to me, but I haven't owned a PM.
  12. 5th PM? I think it’s not meant to be...
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  13. I don’t think a fifth one will satisfy you. Clearly something about the bag (and possibly the brand in general) is not meeting your expectations. I don’t see anything wrong with the bag but I’m not particularly picky.
  14. I think I was just lucky with my first one. Well...until the glazing issue occurred. Lol. All the other bags I received had huge glazing spots on the canvas. The first one has glazing smeared all across the bottom front on the bag. So it’s not that I’m being too picky. This is the first one I’ve received that didn’t have glazing smeared all over the bag in different areas. But I may need to just face it and go for something else. I don’t think this bag will ever be made without flaws.

    Thank you all for your help!
  15. This piece is unacceptable
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