= ( is this a defect....

  1. or just from wear and tear i have had this LV monogram noe for over 8 years and have used it for about a month then i would put it away i would do that for 3 years around that time i noticed the tear...but im not sure if it's considered a defect b/c if it is LV will replace it...but if it's not should i pay to repair it? im not sure if it's worth it...what do u guys think?
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  2. I'm not sure if it's a defect but why don't you bring it back to LV and have them look at it and see what they have to say? If you have to pay for the repair, you can ask them to quote you the price then you will know if it's worth repairing or not. JMHO. :shrugs:
  3. It looks like its from wear and tear, it's over 8 years old.
  4. ITA, it looks like alot of wear on the vachetta
  5. I think for around $300 you can have all the vachetta replaced.
  6. I think it's wear-and-tear as well. Is the rest of the bag looking fine? If so, I'd suggest having it repaired; it might be cheaper than getting a new bag.
  7. yes the rest of the bag looks fine...but if i get it repaired will they just replace the bottom or all of the leather? don't know if i want to pay $300 for just the bottom...that $$ can towards a new bag:graucho:
  8. ^Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, leather replacing can be expensive. Actually, I think if you just ask them for the bottom only, it shouldn't be a problem.

    $300...hmm, I suppose you're right. You can get a nicely used noe for that price...or invest on a brand new bag.

    Anyone else?
  9. Thats odd though that the wear is in just one corner. Would that be the side that was against your body, it looks like has rubbed over the years.:confused1:
  10. i never used it on one particluar side...but i guess i'll go in and see what they say...thank you guys for your input;)
  11. wear and tear.
  12. I'm pretty sure they will call it wear and tear or normal ageing. Sorry about your bag.
  13. Looks like wear and tear to me.
  14. Yes, that looks like wear and tear.
  15. now you said you have had this for 8 years but noticed this after 3? If after just 3 maybe it is a defect?