Is this a dark silver???

  1. Very much confused with the metallics.. What is this? Dark Silver or Gold?!?!?! I know, this is obviously not a light silver... Help!! Thanks!!
    darksilver.jpg darksilver1.jpg
  2. so hard to tell from the lighting of the photograph...
  3. I think it's dark silver, because it looks like mine.

  4. Rica I think it's the dark silver-not 100% sure though.
    But it's absolutely gooorgeous :drool:is that the one your sister got for you?
  5. I have never seem a dark silver before, but when I spoke with my SA this morning about it, she told me that it doesn't look sliver at all, more to the golden tone. Hopefully someone in this forum have a pic of the dark silver to answer your question.
  6. Omg iqaganda, that is such a beautiful bag! You are making me regret reserving a metallic black reissue now, maybe I shd get a dark silver instead :p. I have never seen dark silver IRL but only in pics, and this definitely looks like the other reissues in dark silver I've seen.

  7. Nope. Not this one.. But I'm drooling again with it.. Oh no.. Please stop me... If I became into it... I might own 4 reissues after all.. And not enough cash to take home the Modern Chain Tote that I wanted.. :wtf:
  8. Rica,I'm the last person to stop you lol!I just looove reissues particularly the metallics!I think we both need help hehe!:lecture:
  9. ^ LOL anita! hahaha!!! I want all the reissues!! LOL!
  10. Yup, I can positively assure you that is the DARK SILVER. It has a pewter color in the interior. It looks exactly like my 225 Dark silver.
    The dark gold/ light gold will have GOLD interior and gold hardware.
    The light silver is like FOIL not dark like this one.
  11. [​IMG]

    This is dark silver also. Note that dark silver looks very chameleonlike. It changes colors depending what kind of light.


    You can tell it's dark silver by the interior, it is dark pewter. These images are from
  12. Rica, i saw this auction but the price is quite high? Since this bag is coming out as part of the fall collection, why don't you get yourself on the waitlist for the new ones that'll be coming out soon?
  13. ^ nightshade, i'm just thinking if it's a dark silver.. Anyway, two silvers will be very impractical in my opinion.. So I'll stick with my light silver since I own a gold one now. LOL. But I really love the dark silver... Gosh!!!
  14. :lol: you can always change your mind and get the dark silver later rica :p

    p.s. cant wait to see your gold one!!! :yes: