Is This a Common Thing About Shipments?

  1. Hi all!

    I read a few threads in the past about shipment confusion with Coach and FedEx. I thought this was straightened out but I guess not since an interesting thing happened when I received shipment confirmations for my order.

    I ordered a pair of Evelina sandals, Legacy ponytail scarf, punch/gold bracelet, and a men's belt. This was all in one order. I received a shipment confirmation and tracking number for the Legacy ponytail scarf but no confirmations for the other items. Well, last night, I received a small box from FedEx that contained my Coach bracelet! I was taken by surprised since I thought it had not shipped since the only confirmation I received for shipment was for the ponytail scarf. I had not received the scarf as of this date since I tracked it and it is still in Florida somewhere.

    This morning, I receive an emailed shipment confirmation for the BRACELET, belt, and shoes. WEIRD! I already received the bracelet. Are they sending me another one? Hmm...I have two tracking numbers for packages, but I already received one item that was never confirmed as shipped!

    Anyways, sorry this was a long one, but I was getting confused with the method of shipping that Coach uses since I thought I would receive a ONE box.
  2. That has happened to me before. Usually they're pretty good, but it happens. I ordered to ponytail scarves last month and they both came separately and I only had confirmation for one....
  3. Yes. The entire order, although shipped in multi packs will have the same fedex#. I had that happen a few months back.
  4. was everything shipped from the same place?
    sometimes, if the item isn't avail in will be shipped from a store that does have it in their inventory.

    that's happened to me before...
  5. i figure, as long as i get everything, i don't care. lol.

    but sometimes weird thing happen when they're not all shipping out of jax.
  6. True - For my sunglasses, I never got confirmation and then they came from a boutique about an hour from here!

    Kallison - the smilie in your signature is cracking me up!:roflmfao:
  7. hehe. isn't it cute? i figured with my birthday coming up, that would be appropriate, since i'm sure that's how i'll be! lol.
  8. Oh, thanks everyone! I am confident I will get everything in my order, but am anal about tracking my shipments so not know where stuff is drives me crazy! LOL.
  9. keep us posted. although i assume you will get everything.