Is this a common request?

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  1. I listed an item on ebay, and an interested bidder asked me if they can come by my home and look at the item. I told them no, but I can post pics if they want to see more. Just felt a little weird to me.

    I mean, is this common?
  2. I've never had that happen ,but I suppose it depends on the item. If it was say, a car, or something really huge, like an oven, or a wardrobe, that sort of thing, then I don't suppose it would be an unreasonable request, but as it's probably a bag or similar yup are selling, I wouldn't agree to it either!
  3. It was a pair of shoes. A car, I'd understand completely. Electronics, brainer. But shoes?! I said no, but I guess I just want to make sure this isn't some common thing that I've been out of the loop on.
  4. Then completely no! God, i'd never even ask something like that! Can't imagine anyone agreeing to that! Craaazy!
  5. Creepy ! NO !
  6. umm thats fishy...
    i would have said no too
    i've never had that request and i've been selling for 5 years
  7. oh HELL No!!
  8. Absolutley not, just email her more pictures of the shoes, closeups or whatever picture she wants. Your not selling a car, its a pair of shoes.
  9. Very strange! I've never had it happen before, but 99% of my buyers weren't from my area :smile:
  10. No, this is not a common question unless your selling furniture or a car. Just tell her you will email her more pictures.
  11. No, it's very, very odd and inappropriate. And with shoes, it could be a guy with a fetish.
  12. Sounds like a guy with a fetish.
  13. well, it sounds very creepy, I would certainly never do that.:thinking: But if you have your item listed with the option "Local Pick up available", the buyer probably thought that you were ok to meet in person to try/make purchase. :wondering:
  14. Uhm ... granted, I'm not selling on Ebay, but using a national selling site in my country. It's not auction style, but with set prices. Anyway, I offer pickup and I also send items if requested. I think a lot of people like to save on shipping (even though I'm only selling nationally, but still, with eg books shipping costs will add up).
    All in all I estimate that 50% will pickup an item and yes, sometimes people ask whether they can have a look at something first. So far everyone who only wanted to "take a look" also bought the item. I even had people show up, not liking an item they actually wanted to buy, and then ended up buying two completely different things instead.

    But I digress. As much as I don't consider it odd that some people want to see an item before buying, I do understand that some sellers don't like the idea of some strangers showing up at their doorstep. Personally I always make sure to give out my address at the last minute, that I have full contact details of the person who's dropping by and also I usually take care of not being home alone. That said, I met a whole lot of real nice buyers :smile: during my years of online selling.
  15. If I were buying something in my own city, I might ask if there were any way we could meet in a public place so I could see the item or maybe try it on prior to bidding. I would be happy to let anyone interested in any of my items meet in a public place for the same reason. Most shoe sales do not allow returns for fit. They might just want to make sure they can wear what they are bidding on. Maybe I am too trusting, but I would just make sure to be in a public place and that they have clean socks with them!