Is this a common quality issue with the Paddy?? Suggestions please!

  1. I just received my box paddy from BG and I really don't want to return it since it was pretty much the only one on the planet right now. But, two of the screws/studs that hold down the Chloe plate inside of the bag are loose and wobbly. Also the rolled leather handles are super loose and they slide around. One of the handles (the rolled outer part) has also been stitched way too close to the edge of the leather and looks like it will rip through sooner rather than later. I love this bag, but I heard it takes FOREVER for Chloe to fix things. Any suggestions??:crybaby:
  2. I hate to say it, but that is prolly why this bag was available in the first place.

    BG won't give you a discount either if you ask to keep it with a price adjustment. I mean, you can try, but they aren't known for great online customer service.

    As far as the flaws, can you take pics?

    I am not sure understand where the stitching is too close to the edge?
  3. I will post pics when I leave work at 9:00 pm. I have had nothing but bad bag luck with any choco paddy I find!