Is this a clutch or a purse? Hmmm....

  1. I've been torturing myself today by perusing the Chanel website, and along with all the other gorgeous things I saw, I came across a red purse/clutch. :heart:

    I can't get a sense of how big it is and was wondering if anyone had seen it in person? Could it be as big as a Timeless Clutch I wonder? :wondering

  2. I have no idea but it's gorgeous :drool: It looks like a clutch or wallet.
  3. I believe it is a clutch.
  4. clutch or wallet for sure.
  5. It's a clutch! it's from the Color Pop collection. It's a little bit smaller (and obviously a lot less deep) than the Timeless clutch.
  6. Thanks for the info FanAddict! I think it's so cute. Would you have any idea on the price by any chance? Grazie mille!
  7. Looks like a great clutch that could double as a wallet!

  8. no problem! I don't know the price, though, sorry.
  9. Its definintly a clutch and ive seen a pic of it in black too. I think its about 1500 pounds ...
  10. Very pretty, but wow, 1500 pounds???? :nuts:
  11. looks more like a clutch because it's so structured
  12. Yes, I got the catalogue in the post a couple of days ago. This clutch is £1500.
  13. £1500!! Ouch! I love it, but that's almost three timeless clutches :nuts:
  14. It is 3150 in the U.S. My SA had it and showed it to me. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!! About 9 inches long and is a clutch. The body is a hard case, it is so cool!
  15. Yup yup, my SA has shown it to me too. Very pretty indeed!:heart: