Is this a classic Gucci's style?

  1. [​IMG]$1150 down to $575.
  2. IMO, the shape is, but not the embellishment.
  3. ^ Ita
  4. Sorry, what's ^Ita?
  5. I totally agree
  6. ITA = I totally agree :smile:
  7. Thanks for you guys, it looks like need to cancel the order.

    Or does anyone want it? I can wait couple hours by today then cancel at that time which is someone want that. Plese let me know.
  8. I agree the style is very classic. They named it after Jackie O - Bouvier. The material, color and embellishment on the other hand don't seem like they will last.
  9. I think it is very classic shape.
  10. Final notice, I am about to cancel this bag.

    Anyone want it.... Let me know.
  11. No Thanks
  12. Me Not really loving the color either..
  13. Still on? I'm interested. Check your order though - I ordered this today also from NM and when I went online to check my order it was "canceled" bc they were out even though I got the confirmation! Let me know if you still have it!
  14. I have checked on line, it shows "in process".

    I think my order still on.