Is this a cheeky robbery of classic LV design?

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  1. I noticed this Burberry bag, and immediately thought of the classic LV monogram color theme. Do you think people will think so when they see this bag?

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  2. I'm not familiar with Burberry bags, but as an LV lover I think indeed that this looks like a cheap knock-off from the LV Keepall...Again, I don't know anything from Burberry bags, so maybe for Burberry lovers this could be a very high quality bag, on which I cannot argue about.
  3. Similar but I guess the Burberry colours have always been browns/ beiges in my eyes
  4. When I think of it...yes the details looks identical to LV. But regardless...nice duffle bag regardless of similarities of details...
  5. The quality is probably all right (though it's made in China). It was the design and color that reminded me of the LV mono.. Im not familiar with this brand eighter.
  6. Very reminiscent of LV...
  7. it is but Burberry has been a premier label since late 1800's, almost as long as LV. I would venture to say that there are similarities yes, but I wouldn't say its cheap knock off either. Burberry is listed as a Premier designer on here, and rightfully so
  8. Very similar.
  9. Similar but it looks good!
  10. I see a very nice Burberry that looks a lot like an LV which I also like. But I'm a fan of Burberry as well. Certain ones that is......
  11. Definitely Burberry...I knew it right away!
  12. No, it doesn't really make me think of LV. I have liked the Burberry design for a long time and I see Burberry, not LV. The shape is similar, but many designers do that kind of shape as it's just a duffle.
  13. I like it!
  14. +1
  15. Although LV is my love, I still think Burberry is a classic brand and buy their products from time to time. I like the bag.