Is this a Chanel

  1. Heidi Montag's bag, is this a Chanel, and if so what is it?

  2. Yes, it's the ultimate soft.:yes:
  3. Oh thank you! Would I refer to it as the ultimate soft when trying to locate it? And is there only one size? Thanks!
  4. Eeeewwww Spencer... I can't believe they're engaged! :throwup:

    But it is a cute bag!
  5. Cute bag, don't know the people. Looks like a large.
  6. They are a couple who did a reality show MTV! "The Hills" FYI

    I guess Heide moved on from her GST to this!
    I do love her style.......nice bag!
  7. Thanks Keykey, man I'm getting old :sad:, I haven't tuned to MTV in ages.
    Yes, ask for a large Ultimate Soft, can't see from the pic but I've seen it with plain leather and diagonal stitching. They were totally sold out for the season but I read on the forum that they are coming out again for the fall. Good taste Snowycoco.
  8. It's hard to know if that is the large or medium because normally the leather would be folded over at the top. And yes, it is coming back for fall.
    Ultimate Soft 023.jpg
  9. And word on the "new" price for fall, Mon? I love my rose red color Ultimate Soft, but I really like that leather piece across the top of the shoulder strap. Looks super comfy.