Is this a Chanel purse??

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  1. I'm thinking it is...of course Kimora wouldn't be out and about with anything other than designer:yes:. I also love the shoes..maybe they are Chanel too- anyone have another picture or seen a bag like this anywhere?

    klsbag2.jpg klsbag3.jpg klsbag.jpg
  2. I have never seen a bag like that before, but it looks cute. The shoes really look as thought they would be chanel.
  3. i think it is... not sure tho... i think ive seen it somewhere...
    i might be wrong :biggrin:
  4. I think Kimora always rocks her look! I love her style! She is a Glamazon!

  5. I know her shoes are Chanel, I've seen them in the SF Boutique. So, it is possible her bag is too.
  6. It looks like it is to me, especially with the shoes- but god Kimora looks so trashy!
  7. Love The Shoes
  8. hopefully I'll see it somewhere else- thanks anyway ladies!
  9. I love those shoes too! But I haven't seen them in the NY boutique. Anyone know how much they are?
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