Is This a Case of Buyer Beware?

  1. I'm somewhat disappointed in the Speedy 30 I just received. Here's the eBay link: eBay: LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Speedy 30 Handbag AUTHENTIC LV (item 330036474836 end time Oct-09-06 21:02:15 PDT).

    The pictures show a very clean purse and the description makes no mention of water stains. But when I received the bag, 4 of the tabs show clear water marks. She photographed the bag with the handles down so of course they don't show. I could kick myself for not asking for more photos but the description didn't mention any. Do you think I should leave a negative feedback? Should I just suck it up? Here are some photos I took of 2 of the tabs.

    If you think that's just the risk you take, is there anything I can do to minimize the marks?

    Other than the marks, everything else is in good shape.
    EndTab.JPG Tab2.JPG
  2. maybe you can try baby wipes to even it out a little
  3. i'd write to her and explain why you're not happy, that you didnt see the watermarks due to how the pic's were taken and you'd like to either send the bag back or like some kind of refund.

    After looking at your pic's and then the auction you can see it because you're looking for it, otherwise i'm sure many would have missed it.
  4. Have you contacted the seller to tell her your concerns? Are you willing to return it, or do you want to keep it?

    She is MPRS - she should have included more pictures in her listing.
  5. Yes, now that I know what to look for, you can see the stains. I think her description should have mentioned it. I am going to write her now and do as you suggest.
  6. will they take it back...I was sold a fake off ebay last year...bait and switch...mind you the price was too good to be true...never again ebay...I go I have 2 new gorgeous real bags...475 is a lot considering the condition for less than 200.00 more you could go brand new...does the bag have an purchase off ebay smelled a ebay for me...
  7. Except the the water marks the bag is in good shape-- the handles aren't dirty and the inside is spotless. There is no smell whatsoever. And I guess $200 isn't a lot to you, but it is to me. If there was only a difference of $50, I would have gone for brand new. I bought a BH on eBay and it was fine. Guess I'm just a risk taker.
  8. She is a good seller~ i have purchased from her before. Keep us posted about the situation. Maybe you could ask her for a little refund? if you still want the bag. I do think you can even out the tabs...w/ baby wipes. Good Luck my friend~:flowers:

  9. I just wrote her and told her I was disappointed in the bag because of the marks and asked if she would take the bag back or make an adjustment. I paid $499 for it-- what do you think would be reasonable?

    I was going to try the baby wipes but wanted to wait for her response.

  10. I mean it was $475 plus $25 shipping...
  11. 200 is a lot for me but, after being screwed over on ebay and losing money buying new is my only option...I have to save and have some cc debit but, I am paying it being a newbie it was really hard to know that people bait and risk cost me $$$...never again...ohh by the way my collection is quite humble but, I am glad that I do not have to question authenticity...if you like it maybe the vendor could give you some money back...not sure if the water spots are permanent...ask more seaoned LV users....or return it and save up for a while or wait for another on ebay...475 is a lot and for a 630 I think you can have may mean waiting and saving but, then you will not have to fret about damage etc... and you can take good care of that price water marks would drive me nuts...good luck...hope that I was helpful:flowers:
  12. so for new it is 130 dollars to the vendor...that is not acceptable because you paid a lot is not like you got it for 250 or 300.....499 is getting pretty close to retail old is the bag???
  13. Don't know how old the bag is. Without shipping and after taxes would have been about $670. I paid a total of $500. Yes, I was trying to save money and it looked like it was in good shape. I've seen worse that went for me so I thought I was getting a pretty good deal.

    I'll see what the vendor says.
  14. funny even in the auction she doesnt mention the date code.
  15. I've also purchased from this seller in the past..and I think she's a pretty upstanding person. She probably will work with you to make you happy.

    I did notice this in her listing though....
    Product Condition:

    Pre-owned, great condition. The monogram canvas looks great. The leather has a golden colored patina with slight discolorations throughout from use. The gold hardware is still shiny. The interior is free from odors and damage.

    she may says slight discolorations.....means water stains..

    Hope you can get it worked out..good luck