is this a 28 or smaller?

  1. i can't decide. the model is probably 5'9 and in huge platform heels, so that might distort what size the bag appears to be, making it seem smallish, but she is also very very very thin, which would make the bag seem bigger then it is.
    pic is from
    28 kelly on runway.jpg
  2. Oh...niiiice bag, HiHeels. What a little beauty! I think it's a 28cm and it even looks like an exotic. What do you think????
  3. I reckon 28, too.
  4. I think it's croc....can it be????
  5. i agree about it being an exotic - distinctive, telling shine to it. though on the other hand, kristie's box positively gleams. :love:
    okay, 2 votes for 28 then. thanks.
    i just want to make sure i have an accurate visual when i daydream. :P
    (i seriously love to daydream about it. :shame: shhhhh.)
  6. I really love those 28cm's. They're just so sweet and easily slide into eveningwear. I wish more would come onto the market though...I don't see them nearly enough....
  7. Kristie, I am seriously in love with your kelly!:heart: I keep always longingly at your avatar.
  8. I think it's a 28cm too.
  9. very chic looking:yes:
  10. You should get one in box, TG!!!!!:yes:
  11. somehow i am thinking 25
  12. I agree with Lilach. I held a 25 the other day and it wasn't as tiny as I thought. Given the model's size, my vote is for a 25 too.
  13. uh-oh. this was specifically my dilemma.
  14. i am quite sure it is a 25 cause i am over 6" and skinny and that is how a 25 looks on me (and it looks like lizard that do come only in a 25 these days)
  15. for some reason i thought they didn't make lizard in retourne. this one is definitely not rigid.
    but you're sure about it being 25.