is this a 226 or 227? (Mischa)

  1. j'adore la réédition grise
  2. Looks like a 227 - love it.
  3. I think 227 also
  4. not sure about the size but damn, i want her handbag closet! hate the girl but love her bags!
  5. Think it's a 227
  6. Looks like a 227 to me as well!
  7. it's actually a 226, Mischa is VERY VERY skinny, 227 is very wide. it's the bright silver reissue not the grey reissue.
  8. I thought the metallic reissues only came in 225 and 227? :confused1:
  9. I love that bag!
  10. Me too!! I think I'm just jealous. Which makes me a bad person. :push:
  11. Wouldn't you pass out to see her closet? She must have a separate Chanel room. Uh oh, do I detect a Glamour don'? She's wearing three colors, if you count the shoes -- tsk, tsk. :smile:
  12. I think its a 226
  13. wow, that's surprisingly un-metallic for dark silver.

    i love the guy's face in the background.
  14. Hi, so this is the light silver or dark silver in the 226 size? Looks like the light silver? Is it still available anywhere? Thanks!
  15. LOL...Couldn't agree with you more!!