Is therre any chance of getting a fake from net-a-porter?

  1. I recieved mine today and was just reading something online that said real paddys don't have a serial number inside on a leather leather tag (mine is on a tag inside the zipped up pocket) Is that right?

    Also padlock and the padlock loop are slightly different colours, is this ok?

    Really worried now, please advise!
  2. Where did you read that about the tag? It should definitely have a tag inside the zip pocket..... here's mine for reference.

  3. Thanks for replying, yeah I read further down the page and saw the bit about the tag was wrong. Phew.

    However still worried that the padlock and padlock hook are different colours! Have phoned net-a-porter to see what they say.

    Does anyone know if this is right???? Please help!
  4. I think the website you ordered from is safe because if you go on the official chloe website, it directs you to that website for on-line shopping. I just bought mine yesterday at the Chloe boutique. My husband just took a look at the stitching of the inside lining and thought that the craftmanship was somewhat shoddy. How is the stitching of your lining?
  5. Can you take a picture of the difference?
  6. I see what you mean. Chloe's quality control does not seem to be that great. You have to decide if it bothers you enough to send it back. You paid a lot of money and it's not unrealistic to want a bag to look perfect.

    I still want a Paddington and I think yours looks wonderful.
  7. Ok, just called net-a-porter and a london chloe store. The store said that net a porter is def an authorised dealer and that they should be the same colour but sometimes there can be a slight difference depending on how the metal takes.

    What do u think ladies? Send it back or live my paddy and its slight imperfections?
  8. Do they have another one in stock? If so, maybe you could request an exchange and ask them if they could please make sure that the other one doesn't have the same problem (or any other)?

    I've purchased from NAP way too much and I usually find them to be very helpful. :yes:

    BTW, the serial tag mix up, is because some of the early Paddys didn't have serial/date code tabs (as didn't most [if not all] pre 2005 Chloe bags).
  9. If it were me, I'd keep it. The other fine qualities of the bag overshadow the inconsistancies of the hardware. People are different though and if you think you would always see it as being imperfect, then send it back.
  10. ahhh your bag is fab, and no, you would NEVER get a fake from NAP

  11. Well on the up-side your paddy is unique :nuts:
  12. The locks will peel a bit and expose a brighter color underneath. If it bothers you ask for an exchange.
  13. If your not happy, I would exchange it for another one, especially since you still have time (they give you 7 days). Since you paid that much, you want to feel good about the purchase. They are really easy to deal with. Keep in mind though, the little card that comes with the bag, does say: "Leather CHLOE products are made of soft kid natural leather carefully selected. Markings and irregularities may be apparent, even in the most luxurious skins. These are natural characteristics of the animal and should not be considered imperfections."

  14. Mine is the same - only the padlock is slightly brassier than the hook!

    I know it is genuine and the bag is so gorgeous, that it really doesn't bother me. I feel the leather on mine is SO good, (whereas the leather on some Paddies I've seen I have not liked so much), that this tiny inconsistency is one I can live with. Whereas if the leather (or even the colour) was not exactly how I wanted it, I would return it (and have done).

    It is what is most important to YOU that counts. But no, I don't think you would get a fake from NAP.

    p.s. welcome to B.U.M. :nuts: