Is there writing on the Miroir Pochette???

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  1. Help- Am I going crazy??!!! I am on the waitlist for the Miroir Pochette, but in one of the threads, it looks as though Louis Vuitton is plastered on the side. I am hoping that it is just a watermark.:sweatdrop: I like the miroir just with the LV embossed on it, like on the papillion and speedy!
  2. Yes, it the same as the plate on the antiguas.
  3. Yup !

    I think it makes it kinda look like a giant chocolate bar ! :graucho:
  4. Yeah, it's not the mono pattern, it's like the "LV INVENTOR" Plaque...Personally, it's the only thing from the line I sort of like, like ayla said, it's like a big chocolate bar!
  5. Thanks for your help!!! I am having second (and third) thoughts now!!!:confused1:
  6. I tried to take a close up of the plate, but it's too shiny.

    It says:

    101, avenue des Champs-Elysees, PARIS
  7. Now you have me craving giant chocolate bars!!
  8. Sorry for those who like the plate, but why??????!!!!!! I was really looking forward to this latest addition!
  9. What is the price on it??

    LOL Too lazy to search the forum!
  10. I believe it is a little under $500- a little more than a chocolate bar!:roflmfao:
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