Is there such things as a white vinyl cabas?!!!

  1. i saw it on eBay ?? i didnt think any was produced. but the seller kept saying that it was authentic so now i'm confused??! :shrugs:
  2. they lied?
  3. i believe that chanel don't produce white vinyl.

    look at the vinyl, it's so stiff. authentic cabas vinyl is actually very slouchy.
    this bag is so fake.

    compare with the vinyl on authentic one:
  4. I saw that too! I felt like reporting it. SOO FAKE! Yuk! :yucky:
  5. i did report it, but it kept on coming back.
    i think this one been around eBay for some times.
  6. eBay is FULL of those horrible white and red patent in Italy too...i keep reporting,but they are always there.:cursing:
  7. RED??? now i never seen that LOL

    i guess they find it easier to faked the vinyl, and while people are in demand, why don't we be more creative than the designer :roflmfao:
  8. ^LOL!!
    and yes they r creative!
  9. btw, i love urs seahorse:smile:
  10. thank u PinkPudding :love:
  11. :yes: :roflmfao: Enjoy the "authentic" red Cabas my dear!!:yucky: :yucky:
  12. i dont understand why ebay would let them get away with this...especially with so many of us reporting it. i really have no faith in ebay anymore...
  13. wow stefyp, it's gorgeous :roflmfao:

    can i order one in green too LOL
  14. HAHAHAHA!:lol: <--- that icon just makes me laugh!