Is there such thing as "Hair Freshener" spray

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  1. After reading a previous post, I realized that washing my hair everyday is dry/damaging to the hair. I try to wash my hair every other day. During the day that I skip, my hair gets oily and doesn't smell as fresh & clean. Is there any hair product that offers a leave-in spray to freshen the hair that has a fragrance scent? What is your home remedy? I tried putting lotion on my hair, but it makes it look too oily.

  2. ^ OOOOoooo I have the same problem... I tried this one stuff but it made my hair smell like alcohol and didn't de-grease it.

    I'm curious to know what else helps too!!! Other than baby powder in the roots?
  3. who knows, find someone who knows about chemicals and it looks like you could invent a product to sell to the masses (im such a capitalist) lol

    what do you mean fresher? you mean have your roots smell good? or revitalize your hair?
  4. Yes, I really want my hair to smell good (clean feeling smell) and also have my hair look less lumpy. After going without a hairwash for a day, my hair smells BLAH and it makes me feel icky all over. I normally put my hair up in a bun/pony-tail the next day to make it less noticeable.

  5. might be something that I might want to look into. In the summer, I can freely wash my hair and carry on with life.

    In the winter, because its so wavy/slightly curly I have to blowdry and straighten with an iron. so much work. So it would be nice to have a freshener inbetween washings to give that fresh smell. great thread!
  6. Ojon makes one as does Nick Chavez.

  7. JahpsonLoveYou,
    I was sold on this product when I found this unbias review from a blogger:

    I found some on eBay, but don't know if its authentic or has the same effect as the regular online store. It could save me alot of money.
  8. I use plain baby powder and then Bumble and Bumble hair powder in White for my blonde hair. LOVE it!
  9. Yes, absolutely! My friend works in a casino and she has very long and think hair and it is a must!
  10. can you buy this at any local stores? i would love to try it.
  11. I used to use Thierry Mugler's Angel hair deodorant, instant results, and effectively neutralizes all odor including cigarette smoke. It's much lighter than their Angel perfume which I can't stand.
  12. ^ ITA! I'm not a huge fan of TM Angel perfume, but I love the way the hair spray smells.

    I use shower-to-shower powder on my roots when they start to look oily... My hair is dark brown, but I just apply it REALLY lightly before bed and brush it through when I wake up. It's basically invisible, it just makes my roots look a little less shiny. I tried Psssst shampoo spray and I wasn't that impressed with it. It worked pretty well, but my hair is so thick I used almost half a can per application :push:

    L'Oreal used to make the best product ever. It was basically like febreeze for hair. It was a spray in a blue glass bottle that just neutralized odor. It didn't dry hair out or make it greasy and it had a VERY light inoffensive scent. It was amazing for removing smoke and food smells from hair! I was SOOOOO sad when they discontinued it :sad:
  13. From my thread about Oscar Blandi, def don't use Oscar Blandi LOL. A lot of people did not have good things to say about it (other than the smell)! But none of them recommended the Aveeda. Maybe they aren't in the same "category", but whatever, I'm def glad you started this thread!