Is there such thing as guilt?

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  1. Is it just me... or does anyone feel guilty when they make such a big purchase (ex: LV) when they know they can use that money on something else maybe more important? Or do people buy it because maybe there is nothing more important? What makes you buy YOUR LV?
  2. What's important to me is that I am happy. I work hard to get to where I am. I am a full time attorney and a full time mom, wife, housewife all rolled into one. I take care of everyone else's needs. But in order for me to do my jobs well, I need to take care of myself...which includes the occasional LV.

    Obviously, if I am strapped for cash, my family comes first and I would not be spending my cash on designer bags. However, I think I have my eggs in the right baskets and have no guilt on indulging once in a while.

    You could always think of something "more important" to spend your money on...such as a college fund....a bigger home....retirement...but for me, those are already taken cared of and I have a little extra for the "fun" things in life.
  3. I wish I felt quilty lol.. as long as the bills are paid every month then why not have some nice things to enjoy in life
  4. Yes, I often feel guilty. Infact I often hide purchases and inch them out slowly for a holiday/gift. Other people sometimes make me feel guilty too. My mother in law just the other day said...You want to buy another purse with the economy the way it is? Yes, the money could go to more important things, but I LOVE my handbags and I know I'm not jeapordizing our family in any way. That's how I justify.
  5. I don't feel guilty because I don't spend money that I don't have on bags. I have cut down on purchases a great deal as I am working less hours then I was a year ago. Do I miss shopping for new bags? YES YES YES. The upside is that I do appreciate what I have in my collection even more.
  6. Of course there is such thing as guilt, but Hubby and I work hard for our money ~ ethically and honestly, so I know that he and I deserve whatever we decide to spend our money on.

    We do our share of community volunteer work, we donate to charities, our kids are fed and clothed and educated properly ~ so life is good ... especially with LV ;)
  7. Oh my goodness! Your twin girls are precious.

  8. aren't they gorgeous??!
  9. ya know, I do at first, but i enjoy it so much and we spend money on silly things like dinner out and drinks and such..this is kind of an investment! so it doesn't last long
  10. Most of the time, I don't feel guilty. We own our own business, I'm a SAHM, my dh works hard and long, unpredictable hours at it. So, it's my reward as far as I'm concerned for late nights, weekends, cancelled plans, etc.
  11. nope, no guilt:smile:
  12. Thank you so much! You are so sweet.
  13. Yes, I do feel guilty. That is why after only carrying my Black Epi speedy, Galliera PM only one time each I am going to put them on ebay. I went a little LV crazy back in August. I'm scared with the economy the way it is and feel like I should put some back into savings. Things look pretty grim out there economically speaking.
  14. No guilt. I work damned hard for my money and since I use my own money, I have no guilt...
  15. Oh certainly. I try to seriously think about my purchases, though, so that I can avoid some of the guilt that I might feel from impulse purchases.