Is there such thing as an edith has long handles ...

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  1. such that it can be worn on the shoulder? Sor of like a JPG Birkin bag? I love the leather and style but need the option of putting it on my shoulder.
  2. ^^^Thanks so much. Looks gorgeous on you! so the long stap can be worn over shoulders but the two smaller staps don't fit over the shoulder, correct?
  3. yes from what i remember the smaller handles on the style on the Neimans site could just fit on my shoulders but not all that comfortably and definitely not with a heavy jacket or coat (and the one i have only has one long shoulder strap)...hope that helps!
  4. oh and i forgot there is a larger size edith that i tried on and the straps were definitely longer but it is really large, it looked like a suitcase on me (although i'm about 5'5", maybe on someone taller it wouldn't have seemed so out of proportion)? lvr calles it the big edith... ::: shopping online

    eta...and in case you haven't guessed i also love this style but need the option of a shoulder bag!
  5. ^^^sounds like you did all the leg work for me ;) I love this but need the shoulder bag too...going back to look at you wearing again!!
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