is there such colour?

  1. i'm looking for an ivory paddy...does it really exist??
  2. if you check out aloharag or netaporter, the cream color paddington is ivory?
  3. I just saw a white Paddy in Neimans. And by white I mean stark white, not creamy white. I'm talking pure pure white. If it were summer, I would have bought it! :yes: It had gold hardware, a thing of beauty it was :love:
  4. yea i saw that blanc too at NM, absolutely gorgeous color. the moment I saw it I was like I want it! haha :love: I'm considering paying full price for it now, so pretty.
  5. I have the blanc which is a really pretty ivory--(check out my pix in Rockerchic's Monsoon)
  6. I also have a blanc paddy that is "ivory".

    However, I do not believe that there was a paddy issued with a hang tag that reads "Ivory". The ivory color was labelled as such for the Edith bags though.

    Hope this helps!