Is there such a thing...

  1. getting a "deal" on a Balenciaga bag???

    I love the Twiggy and the "Bit" bag. As you can see, I'm new to Balenciaga, but not to bags!

    Just wondering if there are any good deals out there anywhere.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. eBay- but you gotta be a HAWK 24/7!! Like NINJA style! :ninja: It just depends on how BAD you want this style and color----

    seriously. I check eBay hourly if I want something terribly- when I sold a very HTF Chanel- it was BIN'd within an hour of being 'searchable' :wtf: !!
  3. I would suggest Erica (hgbags) on eBay. She is wonderful and her prices are very fair. You can always e-mail her and she will answer you in no time. Erica is the best.:yahoo:
  4. ^ Agreed. I've bought stuff from Erica too, and she's really sweet
  5. ^^--- yep- hgbags is wonderful- she's grrreat!
  6. Thanks. I'll check out those sources.

    I appreciate the responses.
  7. try diabro too. i think they had a good deal on an ivory twiggy!
  8. Is Diabro authentic? And are the bags new there?
  9. ^--- I'm pretty sure Diabro is authentic and BNWT

    TIP: buy from LT's own website and he doesn't charge you shipping ;)