Is there such a thing as

  1. a bag that looks like a cabas mezzo (maybe a tad smaller?) that is all Mono print no vachetta? I saw two women today with them and I have never heard of that such bag and would normally have thought them fake but they dressed so upity lol.
  2. the only thing i can think of is a vavin
  3. Sounds like maybe the Luco.
  4. I looked up the Vavin and that's it! Thanks guys!
  5. Orrr maybe the Luco now that I looked that one up lol, is the Luco still sold? I don't see it on the LV site or elux...
  6. I think it may be discontinued but I can't be sure. I haven't actually seen one for quite awhile now.
  7. ^ Yup luco is discontinued... =( I wanted to buy one the other day.. but no more =(
  8. ah, i like the structure of the vavin. very nice. esp with the panda on it!