Is there such a thing as Vernis Keepall?

  1. Hey everyone,

    I saw a vernis keepall for sale on eBay and it got me wondering. Is there even such a thing? Cause if there is i would love love love to get a white vernis keepall. Are they special orders? Anyone know how much?

  2. Yup, but it's called the Mercer.

    And that one only came in a couple of colors back in 2002/2003, baby blue, beige and fuchsia, I believe.
    No special orders though on vernis items (with the exception of the large bucket bag).
  3. yes, there was a duffle bag style way back when they first launch the Vernis...
  4. mercer.
    socialite just got one!
  5. Anyone has a picture? It should like hell to keep nice though.
  6. I think there mercer on eBay now!
  7. Oh wow, you all know so much!!! Thanks! Sigh too bad you can't special order a white vernis keepall would be GORGEOUS! Just imagine a whole luggage line in vernis!! It'd look soooooo pretty! haha
  8. Yep! SJP had one in the Hamptons Episode of SATC!!
  9. Gorgeous! But I would be so scared to use it.
  10. it came in the fleurs pattern too .... very gorgeous!
  11. ^You're kidding! I've never seen that before. I imagine it looks awesome!
  12. yup, it's so hard to find! it's my #1 on my wishlist and will probably pay anything for it cause it's SOOOO CUTE
  13. Mercer is discountinued model, but the Vernis Pegase is due in summer in Pomme or Aramante :love: