is there such a thing as too much lv?

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  1. i was just sitting here thinking about my little lv collection and started thinking: is there such a thing as too much? right now i have in my bag my groom cles and zippy groom with my epi myrtille checkbook cover in it (which leads to another question: will keeping a checkbook cover inside my zippy groom stretch it out?) i have a mono medium agenda and just bought (cross your fingers i get it) a damier makeup case. is it too much to carry it all together? do you mix your lv with other things to avoid overload? i'm really curious about this.

    what do you carry daily?
  2. oh i forgot i have a little lv pen in my agenda and an inclusion cell phone strap on my bh for when i use it. maybe I'M just on overload. LOL.
  3. Sounds lovely! I carry my LV bag with my mono wapity with my digicam, my mono make-up case, my groom agenda and my pochette florentine for my SK3 and I use my perfo cles! I love looking in my bag and seeing it all!!
  4. Never enough LV! I wish I had more lol.
  5. Simple answer, no way!

    Can't have too many bags, even, to go farther...I do have other designers that I like and rotate in...Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Balencia, IF, ...even (gasp) coach, etc...but my main stay and easy favorite is LV.
  6. I have a bunch of bags- i counted the other day- it's a little well obscene. lol. i have about 3 from most designers (not that high end though). i have been going back and forth between my bh and my prada that my mom got me in italy. every couple of months is changes- when i get a new bag!
  7. i don't have any of the designers you mentioned twinkle! oh i wish! i just got a chanel but i realized it was scratched before i even used it so i returned it. now i have to decide between a chanel and the red passy. decisions decisions.
  8. Lol..I don't think so, especially if it's all accessories in your bag. But if it's on a person as outerwear, then there can definitely be too much hehe.
    (LV shoes, the monogrammed jeans,necklace,bracelet,bag,earrings,hat) Haha.
  9. You can never have enough LV! This forum always makes you wanting more...
  10. you can never have enuff or lv ;)

  11. LOL I didn't think about that! ITA!:roflmfao:
  12. lvfan! omg you are so right! it's like lv crack. or lv p###. lol.
  13. Well, yes in that sense ITA!!! And I don't like when it's all perfectly matchy, matchy!
  14. I like the passy...but (ducks) might be time to diversify, at least a bit ;)
  15. Hahaha. I used to wear LV shoes and a LV bag. Now, I feel like it's overkill. :Push: