Is there such a thing as too much LV????

  1. Just returned from my summer trip to the U.S., and had this beautiful LV Reade GM handbag waiting for me:yahoo: it too much??? Too big for everyday use???? I am head over heels with the red, and the GM is extrememly rare.....but i want to make sure that it doesn't look obnoxious!!!!
    red lv 3.jpg
  2. No way !

    It's GM for extra fabulousness. ;)
  3. I personally love it because I love big bags....
  4. OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!! LOVE the color, LOVE the size!!! Just GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  5. Thanks for the feedback....I love it too!!! I also carry big bags....this is just bigger than I am used too!
  6. :nuts: Congrats!!! It's absolutely gorgeous:girlsigh: and looks great on you , enjoy it!;)
  7. LOVE IT!! It is definately fab. :love: Wear it with pride! :biggrin:
  8. it is beautiful! if i see that bag on the street, i will do a double take for sure!!!!
  9. Oooh no!!!

    It's so fabulous! LOVE that red and it looks great on you!:yes:
  10. LOVE it!!!
  11. It looks absolutely stunning!
  12. omg, it looks fabulous!!!
  13. It is gorgeous! :love:
  14. Gorgeous and what a delicious red color!
  15. OMG no way!!

    this bag is HOT!!!

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