is there such a thing as too much in your cles?

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  1. right now i have my groom stuffed with like 10-15 gift cards plus my metrocard and the white cards that came with it. it seems ok but i'm worried that i am overstuffing it and going to damage it. am i? how much do you have in there?
  2. I think it's probaby fine. the groom holds alot, so does the charms and perfo.
  3. Well, if the zipper is getting pulled and you have trouble getting your cards out then I'd say it's a little too stuffed. If not, then you should be ok.
  4. I think the canvas & mini mono cles are "wide" enough to hold a ton. The epi and vernis I get nervous with. I have a vernis cles in the old red and when I put too much in it, the zipper gets stuck. =( Never had a problem with any canvas one though. I wouldn't worry much. I usually carry around 10 cards in my cles.
  5. oh ok, thank you. it seems fine and the zipper works perfectly. i was just afraid i was going to pop a seam or something. thanks!

    hopefully i'll start using the gcs and clear it out! lol
  6. I had the same problem. When I stuffed receipts in there it got bad. I finally took all the gift cards out. I just didn't like having them in there. I don't think I damaged it but I didn't like the access issue. Someone suggested a cigarette case and I think I may do that. I have so many gift cards, discount cards, etc., I am looking for a good solution.
  7. yeah, I always know my cles is too stuffed if I can't get things out easily ... just because it's annoying!!
  8. I busted my cles zipper all the time and it works again everytime I unloaded some of the contents.I think it's more than 6 times now..gosh..I abuse my cles..
  9. wow, i got scared with just 3 cards in my epi cles... anything more and it just feels like it's too hard to open and close.
  10. I have 4 cards, 3 keys and some bills and change in my cles... and I think it's pretty much stuffed! I won't put anything more into it.
  11. man I need to buy a cles!
  12. same here :yes: I have a question though, for a black Epi Alma, should I get the Red epi cles or the vernis (new color) sorry I forgot how to spell the name...:confused1: .
  13. I would get the red epi cles to match your black bag. It will pop. I have both the vernis pomme d'amour cles (and the red epi cles) and I think I would prefer the look of the red epi against your Alma.
  14. I would go with the Red Epi Cles.
  15. Thank you for the advise...I will pick one up this weekend....:p