Is there such a thing as too many red bags?? Reveal

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  1. I confess, I made an impulse purchase. I didn't mean to do it but I wasn't strong enough to resist. I was on the lookout for a "summer" bag which means a light color like natural chamonix, a fun color like blue hydra or a pop color like H orange. The last thing I wanted was another red bag as I have a Rouge H Drag, Kelly and Constance and a RC Halzan. My red bag quota has been more than filled -- esp Rouge H which is one of my favorite H colors.

    I decided I wanted another plume or a 31 bolide but I would be patient. I would wait for the perfect color and price and I wouldn't settle or be rash.

    Well, that went out the window when I saw this beauty. Here she is, my new Rouge H chamonix plume that bababebi kindly authenticated for me.

    I still think I have too may red bags but I really can't decide if I should part with any of them. Sigh.

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  2. Gorgeous! I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.

  3. Perfect Juana's! You have found the bag I want next. It is so much better than I imagined!
    Congratulations on your beautiful plume.
  4. I love plumes, and especially rouge H and chamonix -- perfection!
  5. Congrats! Love this smooth beautiful leather, such a beauty!
  6. Beautiful, you can never have too many red bags OR Plumes, I always say . What size is it? (I'm guessing 28?)
  7. Sometimes a certain color palette just works. You like to what you like. There is certainly nothing wrong with that.

    Enjoy your plume!
  8. What a classy bag in such a great condition

    Congrats !
  9. stunningly gorgeous...I can see why you fell for it!!
  10. It's a beautiful bag!! Congratulations and wear it in good health!! :drinkup:
  11. Hubba hubba! Worth picking up this one!
  12. Obviously you like rouge
    Obviously you adore rouge
    Obviously you fancy rouge
    Obviously cannot be too many rouge haha
    Keep them

  13. such a beauty! congrats!!
  14. What a beautiful red plume to add to your lovely collection. Definitely can't pass this one up.
  15. Stunning. Leather looks so soft! Congrats.