Is there such a thing as too many Coach bags?

  1. See, I keep grappling with this...

    I've been carrying Coach for about 15 years and have always loved their bags. I've tried to keep only a few until this last PCE b/c I was worried about some of my favorites not being available (legacy slim tote, ergo, ali). So, I added a few to my closet!

    It seems I have more trouble deciding which one to carry when I have more bags and then it feels like more effort than fun deciding. When I just had one or two, it was easy and simple; I enjoyed my bag immensely and used it all the time. Now it seems like I don't know which one to carry (plus, it doesn't help that we've had so much rain here in Texas that I'm thinking about building an ark).

    Have you ever gotten to a point where more is more? And what number is that for you?

    I'm feeling pretty good right now about what I have but with new fall stuff coming out, I'm starting to worry about sensory overload!
  2. I know what you mean. I'm starting to experience that now. But I'm buying things I know will go with alot of my clothes and not just 1 or 2 outfits, because I want to get use out of them. I carried my Carly all week because I didn't feel like changing. I think we all hit this point at one time or another. :shrugs:
  3. LOL and ((hugs)) I can understand what you mean in a sense. Me personally, I change purses every other day so I do go through mine fairly often. I also have my bags mentally categorized as either a "spring/summer", "fall/winter" or "all year round" bag so when I purchase a bag that I know I will only use a few months out of the year, I don't feel bad for not using it in its "off season". LOL

    Anyway, I will admit that when a bag no longer gives me joy or has outlived its usefulness, its time to get rid of it (unless it has sentimental value like my very first Coach bag that I purchased over 10 years ago) and let someone else get some joy and love out of it. I am going through this right now. I know that I will find something else to tickle my fancy.:graucho:

    Maybe its time for you to "clean house"? If you're using a bag just because you have it in your collection but in all reality, its really not an "it" bag for you, then maybe its time to make way for the new stuff. Sometimes our taste do change. :smile:

    Anyway, I hope things work out for you and here's another (((HUG)))!
  4. I've definately felt this before too, but usually I only keep what I'm using and I just switch out when I feel like using a different bag. Right now I have a total of 5 Coach bags in my closet, 1 of which I just sold on eBay, I'm waiting for my new Mandy to arrive and am contemplating another legacy satchel in black leather if I can find a good deal on eBay (I already have a legacy satchel in khaki/ebony sig.). I would never ever sell any of my legacy bags...I just love that line too much.
  5. :nogood: As if.
  6. I'm almost at that point. I have a nice collection and I think I have quenched my thirst. Right now I have one bag that I can't stop thinking about, the black optic sig baby/multifunction bag, I've been craving it for months, but right now funds are low and I'm crossing my fingers I can find it at an outlet.

    But overall I think I'm happy and don't plan on adding much more to my collection. I'm happy with the bags I have and I try to rotate them frequently. There are many bags in Coach's current collection that I think are beautiful, but I know they are not for me and I would have no justifiable reason to ever buy them (which does help the wallet :p).

    So yes, I agree with you and others, that you can reach a point were you quench your thirst.
  7. TejasMama:

    I know how you feel as I have the same dilemna. I have so much right now but do try to change out my bags to match my outfit so that I can use them all. If you are using all your bags it it not too much. If you are not using all of your bags it might be time weed out your collection a bit. I tend to use my Ali's and Ergo's the most.
  8. Wow Hello Kitty...I just noticed we live very very close to each other. I'm actually in Canal Winchester :smile:
  9. I think that I have come to a stopping point even though I plan on outlet shopping next weekend. I don't really match my bags to my clothing, but I do make sure that each bag is different and can serve a different purpose. Luckily I am not to crazy about the new stuff so that helps my wallet breath a little.

    I took inventory of my handbags/accessories and I realized that I don't really need anything else.
  10. My DH thinks so! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. Yes.

    I believe I'm going to be able to complete a bag a day for July. That's way too many. I have a number of bags I haven't worn for quite awhile, so it's time to clean house.
  12. Is there such a thing as too many Coach bags?

    Uhm... no. And, don't even worry yourself about such things. It's not worth thinking about - trust me. ;)

    On the serious side, I do think it's possible to have too many. And, if you are asking yourself if you have too many, you might.
  13. Yes!:yes: I purged my collection since joining TPF in Feb. Of course you know I've accummulated Ali's since. The difference is it's the same useful bag in color choices. Besides having to get yourself ready and maybe little ones, changing purses can be a chore! Stuffing and unstuffing and transfering accessories, and then you have to transfer your "charm" too! (Each Ali already has her pave charm!)

    I've reorganized and shelved my bags lower, easier to see through the dustbags and easier to change out. Sometimes you just have to think it through and plan it out ahead of departure time. If it's convenient it'll be done more frequently.

    If you're really not liking/using your purses pass them on! Someone will be delighted to have your Coach! :graucho:
  14. I am feeling this way too. I have already sold alot of bags I wasn't using. yet I still think I have too many! :smile: but that's becuz some are for spring/summer and fall/winter as well. i love the bags i have now and am trying to enjoy them by switching out every few days.

    i'm thinking i'll buy again only if there's something i don't have in my collection (like a different color), or if there's another that could replace one of my other bags and sell the old one. just something to think about.
  15. Wow, that's very cool. I know there are a few members on here from the Columbus area, but I think your the closet member down my way. :p