Is there such a thing as mauve concealer?

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  1. Or if not, has anybody used a lavender-colored concealer? Used to think this would be a strange color for concealer. But yesterday I was wearing the BadGal Plum mascara and rubbed my eyes at one point. Of course this smudged but the "plum" had a neutralizing effect on my undereye shadows. Any thoughts here?
  2. Sorry I've been watching to much "What not to wear" marathons. I watch Carmindy put some lavendar concealer on the person who had dark undertones. She sells some with her line at Ulta. Sally Hansen. That is the only place I know where they have that makeup.
  3. i use the lise watier portfolio concealers and it has 5 colours: green, ivory, brown, lilac(the purple one), and yellow beige. i LOVE this concealer! for under eye circles i use the yellow beige and the lilac i use it as sort of a hilighter :smile:
  4. Thank you. I'll check it out. I know it sounds weird but it was just a thought. Maybe I could put a mauve eye shadow under my eyes. :idea:
  5. By Makeup Forever (you can get it at Sephora):

  6. Thanks for the ideas. Looks like I might have to go to Sephora soon. My list is getting longer and longer.
  7. I've only seen green concealers, sometimes called mint. I think they're supposed to neutralize redness, but this is the first time i see a mauve one! What's it do?
  8. Lancome used to make a pallette with a green concealer for redness, a yellow concealer, and a pinky lavendar one..