Is There Such A Thing As Love @ First Sight ?

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  1. Is it a concept dreamed up by romantics who need a way to air-brush that deadly sin they find stirring inside of them. That tingle, that spark, that connection that you feel with a person upon first seeing him/her?

    I think the reason people believe in it? Because it's happened to them. I've had friends who have told me that they "just knew" he was the one from the moment she saw him. :heart:

    Do you believe in it? Have you ever felt it?
  2. I've definitely mulled over this question time and time again.

    There is definitely lust at first sight which can result in those tingles.

    But love? I don't know about that. I personally think to truly love someone, it has to be something gradual that creeps up onto you. I feel that love is something in which you can't pinpoint an exact time to when you start (like upon first sight).

    I know I've definitely felt those tingles before with my current boyfriend but I don't think it equates love. Definitely something special but I don't know about love. Love is a big thing to me that lasts a lifetime, maybe lifetimes. I don't think that love can be cultivated in a single glance.
  3. first sight of hubby, i thought he was obnoxious at the time - mind you, could be 'reverse' psychology, cause he sure is a handsome man. (well I would say that but so do others....).

    anyway, we found each other as colleagues in the same office in the uni a year later and somehow our story had been written, although it took going for coffee to finally confirm it. we got married pretty much soon after. i would say it was love at first 'talking/meeting' each other.

    i don't think love at first sight is that romantic bec love is a perceived emotion - what i consider love might be different from others, and love changes. I love my hubby differently now, and I don't think I could have loved him in that way from the beginning.
  4. Nope, I don't think so. I believe in lust at first sight though. Love is a process, you need to get to know the person before you can actually say that you love them.
  5. Yes, I think so, but more often than not it lasts for that first sight only, once you discover the person it might go away completely. That's my short answer.
  6. My husband says it's true... but it took me about a year before I believed him, poor soul. :P
  7. true for me.

    saw him across the room and fell faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar. been married to him for 5 years now, together total for 7.
  8. Lust at first sight definitely exists!! Love at first way!!
  9. I've had the physical punch in the gut physical attraction - that didn't last long - once the passion had faded slightly there was no substance.
  10. So true!!
  11. The minute I saw my husband across the room in a disco on New Year's Eve (1976), I turned to my friend and said that he was the man I was going to marry. Mind you I did not even talk to him yet.....
    Here we are happily married and I still love him......
  12. I'm not a very romantic person, but for me-yes. When I first met my BF, I felt like I had been knocked over the head. Something in my just went, 'It's him.' it wasn't an mushy or romantic feeling, just a feeling that he was suppose to be in my life.
  13. No, I believe it takes time to love should be called lust at first sight instead.
  14. I fell in love with my husband at first sight twenty years ago. I still love him with all my heart. Unfortunately he doesn't feel the same anymore. :crybaby:
  15. i didn't believe in it for a long time, but i do now.