Is there such a thing as Fake Vintage Gucci?

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  1. Hello ladies and Happy Valentines Day!

    I have been looking on Ebay for a vintage gucci clutch to wear on an everyday basis, but I have never considered the idea until now that there would be an issue with authenticity on vintage gucci items.
    This is going to be my first time buying anything vintage from gucci and i just wanted to know is there such a thing. Also has anyone bought any vintage gucci before?
  2. Yes. I think there is fake vintage Gucci. Have you read the pages on ebay re: authentic Gucci? Many photographs of real and fake vintage labels are published there.
  3. PS I know that somebody else on this forum actually collects vintage Gucci. Hopefully she'll chime in!
  4. ABSOLUTELY! There is fake vintage gucci, fake vintage vuitton...In The Birth of Modern Luxury it talks about Louis Vuitton (the man) and how he kept changing his designs because his stuff kept getting bootlegged (well, not in those exact words, but you get the gist!). Which I believe (haven't read the book in a while) is how he ended up with the LV monogram design (don't quote me on that!)

    Back to the vintage gucci, click here:
  5. Hmm... so is the fake bag vintage or is it faking a vintage bag? And if the fake bag is vintage, are they worth any more? Or are fakes just fakes?
  6. It's hard to validate Gucci bags from the 70s and 80s because that was back when Gucci sold their license to anyone with a buck! :sad2:

    That said, I compared the picture of Love2Shop's clutch to my authentic vintage Gucci bag and the clutch looks legit. The bag I have is the handbag version of the clutch and is the same color combo with the red and green stripes. I'm not an expert (even though I do have 5 Gucci bags from the 1970s until 2002/2003). :shame:
  7. Thank you thank you , i am going to go ahead and bid on it! If you don't mind esiders, how much did you buy the vintage gucci for?
  8. Hi

    I have a lot of vintage gucci ! Did you bid already ? The bag looks authentic to me, Keep us posted.
  9. $20...but it's not in pristine condition. I bought it from a good friend. Back in the 60s, 70s and 80s, her parents would buy Gucci handbags for her grandmother as birthday presents...and when her grandmother passed away, they offered me first dibs on the bags they didn't want! Stupid me only bought this one...should have bought the lot! They even had the sleeper bags!!

  10. Esiders you got a steal on that bag!!!! *jealous* :sad2: It is in great condition considering that it is vintage! Wow, so pretty! I decided NOT to bid on the gucci clutch because I didn't want to spend over $120 for that but I AM looking at these bags:

    Ladies let me know what you think please!:nuts: :nuts:
  11. I'd avoid the second bag because of the damage on the lower edge, love2shop.

    Otherwise, my only comment is that I was buying Gucci 25-30 years ago and saw plenty of fakes back then - they were much more obvious and shoddily made than today's fakes. It's hard to imagine that many of them lasted a quarter of a century.
  12. I would avoid the 2nd bag. Seller's feedback rating is only 98.8% w/11 negative and 23 neutral comments in last 12 mos. Some of the negatives talked about fake bags . . . .
  13. Thank you ladies. Boy, i don't think i could make a move to purchase without the approval of this website. lol I will definitely avoid the 2nd one.:biggrin:
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