Is there such a thing as comfy....

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  1. I have been searching for what seems like a year, but is there a comfortable flat out there? I love the look of flats but don't love the "feel the road feeling" At this point I am open to any designers. I am looking for fashionable , casual flats. I have tried Tory Burch -Reva, love the look, but to me not that comfy. Maybe I have weird feet. (lol)Thanks!
  2. I love the "feel the road feeling" but the only flats I have that are different are my Gucci ones. They are very well made and really support your foot.

    Maybe you could post this in the shoe thread too? maybe you'll get more answers there?
  3. I have to wear dress shoes for school and I usually end up wearing black or brown flats. The most comfortable flats I have worn, (and Ive worn many) Were the ones with a thick sole and a soft back. I like the sides to be soft and I do have wide feet. I would not recommend juicy flats because the cut your feet. My favorite are nine west flats that have elastic around the edge. Like these: (I own these in all black)
    They mold to your feet, so these have been my favs. I need a new pair and amazon only has them in a 6 :sad:
  4. cole haan. i haven't tried them but my mom has and she's extremely picky about shoes and has a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable. but now, cole haan are the only shoes she wears. hope this helps!:tup:
  5. corso como flats are really comfy for me! my feet aren't very wide though, so the edges don't bother me- i don't know if they would for someone else? i have the floral flats.
  6. I rarely find flats comfortable - I've been through way too many pairs of flats that haven't worked & it's an expensive experiment. I do like Prada Sport, Tod's drivers, Gucci loafers (especially the suede ones with the lug sole) & Gucci drivers.
  7. Pedro Garcia Iris Banana Flats!
    My best purchase of the year last year.
    Or try Lanvin, they're also equally comfortable...but they might break the bank haha.
  8. Cole Haan is very comfortable... for a cheaper price range (like $50-100) you can also look at Me Too flats which have a thick cushy sole. Not all their styles are cute but some of their plainer styles are good basics.
  9. I think tory burch is really comfy =/ i have steve maddens that are pretty comfy except if your foot is too wide it might be uncomfortable
  10. I think J.Crew flats are pretty comfy! The pairs I have are made of super soft Italian leather and have sorta conformed to my feet. My favorite is the Salina Patent Iridesent...I believe it's on clearance now too. It comes in navy and dusty rose and is very comfy!!
  11. Lanvin.
  12. Tory Burch Revas or just basic ballet flats from Nine West.
  13. My most comfortable pair of flats is a pair my mom gave me that she wore in the 80's. The brand is; Sam and Libby. I think they still make shoes, but I don't know if they're as comfortable as they were. I'm also a big fan of BCBGirls flats (NOT FLIP FLOPS) hahaha. They're flats are comfy. Not their flipflops =)
  14. I actually just tossed a pair of Sam & Libby flats because they were so uncomfortable! However, I have huge bunions, so YMMV. Slimmer feet may find them comfy.