is there such a thing as a...

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  1. nude patent rolando?? i'm thinking that would be the perfect shoe..but cant find it
  2. Not as far as I know. The nude Rolande exists, which is the slingback version.
  3. The Rolando was made in a beige color close to nude but not qute nude...
  4. I think it might have been around outside of the U.S. I remember seeing a picture of Emma Bunton wearing a pair. In the U.S., Barneys had a beige which is not the same as the nude that is most coveted, the pink toned nude. Laureen is right, the Rolande, the sling version of the Rolando came in the pink toned nude. I was able to get a pair from Footcandy.
  5. Unfortunatly, the rolando wasn't produced in Nude patent, the Rolando that was at Barney's that Lav mentioned was called "taupe", it was more of a greenish/nude/taupe, then pink/nude.
  6. oooh thats so sad maybe i can come across the such luck yet...thankyou!!
  7. is it possible to custom order them? how much would that be...sorry to ask!
  8. ^^ I think custom orders are retail + 30%?
  9. CL London boutique had the nude patent Rolando's (same pinkish nude as nude VPs) as of 1.5-2 years ago but literally sold out of them in one day.
  10. yup, there was a nude patent rolando, as well as a nude satin version. i saw it in london as well.