is there such a thing as a wallet with giant hardware?

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  1. I looked on B website and it looks like there's a wallet with giant hardware--am I wrong? I think I want an aquamarine money wallet would love siver gh!!
  2. The Money and Coin purses are being made with GH for the Fall '07 colors. Unfortunately, Aquamarine is a Spring 07 season.
  3. You know so much! Thank you! Is there a fall 07 color that is comparable?
  4. Not really since Ocean is a blue tone but very pale in comparison to the vibrant Aquamarine...unless you are willing to wait til Spring 08 pre-collection colors (due out in December). Good luck!!!
  5. you seem to know what you're doing so I want your opinion of the gh on anything--I hear murmurings that it's trendy. Since I'm a newbie, I had no opinion on this except that I loved it on my PT. I think it looks great and will look that way for awhile--am I wrong?