Is there such a thing as a stone Morning After Bag?

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  1. I got my mini from revolve today and I really like the color. I'm not so positive about the mini, though, and was wondering if there was anywhere that had the regular size in the stone color.
  2. I've seen the Stone! Is this your first mini?
  3. I haven't seen the regular size in Stone. If I did, I'd probably have one. :smile: I'm not a Mini fan, so no Morning After Bag size means I don't get the bag.
  4. Post a pic of the Stone, I'd love to see it!
  5. didnt know that they dont have the regular size MAB stone. im the opposite. i can only carry a mini.
  6. Its not my first mini - I've had a few before and sold them off. Right now I have a royal blue one with patent trim that I don't really carry. I usually pass it up in favor of the regular size.
  7. Yeah, I am curious to know, do they have a thread here with side by side of the regular and mini size?
  8. ^^yes chinkee there are several threads. check out MA or Mini... I think thats the name there is a pic on the 2nd page comparing the two.

    I love the Stone bag! I don't know if its in a MAB, but i think its suppose to be coming soon in the Steady.