Is there such a thing as a Pewter Twiggy?

  1. I've seen a couple of different styles in the Pewter colour, but did they ever make a Twiggy?
  2. No idea.... lol, I have seen a box i think... so im guessing that they probably did but finding it would be a different story i would imagine!
  3. ILoveMyBug, I haven't actually seen a pewter Twiggy in person, nor have I hear of one around the board. I did take a look at my archive of Japanese Brand magazines and did not come across one picture of any metallic twiggies. HTH, sorry!
  4. I remember trying to order one when the metallics first came out. BNY said the twiggy didn't come in metallics. But, they also said the box didn't either. However, after all this time, I have yet to come across one, so I am going to say that it doesn't.
  5. Thanks for being so helpful ladies :tup:

    City it is then!