IS there such a Chanel bag?

  1. Okay, so I was shopping today and came across this young gal wearing a 'chanel' that looked like a square vintage tote (like mine that I posted below but in dark white and silver h/w, like swanky's) in 'distressed' calfskin, BUT! The front zipper pull-thingy was not of the leather but a chanel charm with the CC logo. (I have the authentic one and I saw swanky's pics.. the front zipper pocket is of that soft calfskin) AND on the OTHER side of her purse (she put it on the counter at Sephora as she was getting her make up done) had the Chanel double C logo stitched in as it is on the Medallion Caviar Tote or any other "CC" Logo...
    The leather or material of that purse didn't look soft as mine,.. it was rough, like a cross between caviar and distressed. I was puzzled. I have to admit, it WAS a cute purse. But is there such a design for an authentic Chanel? Anyone know??

    I'm curious..
  2. i dont know about about the big cc's but i think i saw the cc zipper charm/ it looked like the coco cabas charm right?

  3. No, I don't think it had the coco cabas charm.. The coco cabas charm has the chanel logo with a circle around it, no?

    The charm I saw is just a small 'cc' logo...