Is there such a Bottega Veneta Bag as this?

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  1. I saw a lady on the subway yesterday carrying a very very beautiful woven leather bag. The diagnonal weave on it makes me think it's a Bottega bag, but I coudlnt' find it online at all.

    The color was a bit metallic bronze-y, but not too shiny. The shape was very simple with no additional hardware. It looked just like a regular tote bag, but of course in woven leather. However, the edges on top of the bag was not flat. It had zig-zag ridges on the bag (sort of how the weave would look like it you didn't flatten it into a straight line).

    Sorry for the lousy rendition I did on Paint. If it's not a Bottega bag, does anyone have a clue what it could have been? Thanks so much in advance :smile:

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  2. Do you mean a cabat? however, they don't have zig zag ridges. Hmmmm

    if so BV makes them every year..... and they are gorgeous!
  3. I saw a lady carry a pink tote in Bondi Junction today resembling what you described and it reminded me of this post.

    It had zig zag ridges at the top opening like you said, a simple tote, more vertical then wide horizontal.

    Wonder if it's a BV. I was about a meter away from the bag behind the lady. It looked like a fine quality bag.