Is there still problems with NF DE handles?

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    I'm just so faling in love with that look of the bag, really want to get one, so is there still problems with the bag, handles etc.? Thinking about bying next month! This is the only worry I have.
    Btw, if you take your DE NF to hot places, does it effect your bag anyway? I mean like last year during holiday in Creece there was so hot, almost 40C! Does that kind of heat ruin your de bag cause it's a dark bag? Mono print bag didn't have problems there!

    Thank you for your help!
  2. Yes, just got mine in November. Cracking is starting, only on one of the straps though which basically shows that its flawed. I know they replace it for you. It just sucks having to leave my bag for a long time since it's thier issue. I bought it knowing that it might happen. I'm a little bummed but not surprised.

    Otherwise, I love it. No other issues. And, it's very worry free. I don't want the mono since I woudn't baby it since it's a large tote and that's almost impossible. I'd still get the DE given the choice.
  3. I live in Hawaii where it's extremely hot and humid. I own the neverfull mm in de and have had it for a year. It's held up amazingly!! I say you should get it! This is my go to tote! HTH.
  4. I got mine in dec and started using it everyday as my school bag at the beginning of the year. That bag does not get babied at all, lol. I haven't noticed any chipping but not as much time has passed. If you love it. Get it.
  5. Very nice to hear that de canvas can take the heat if I buy the bag and take it to vacations! NF would also be perfect bag for traveling!! I'm planing to use it as my everyday bag!
  6. Sorry to hear that :sad: Hoping that mine wouldnt crack when getting one!
  7. Got mine in September and have used it regularly since. I keep the handles straight all the time and don't overload it. I check the handles every week or so and they are still like new. I say if you love it, get it. You know about the potential issues, how to perhaps prevent them and what to do if they do occur. It might not happen so don't let it put you off.
  8. I had problems with mine, Neverfull MM, that I purchased several years ago and my local store wasn't very willing to "replace" my bag, at all, even though there were problems with the straps cracking just after a few weeks new. After a few go-arounds, including having the straps replaced, I insisted that I still wasn't happy and was told that they were "going to make an exception" and give me a credit on the bag to get something else. Then a couple years after that my SA told me that they had made some changes to prevent the problem of the cracking, including shipping and storing the bags with the straps not tucked inside, and said that the problem shouldn't happen anymore. So I bought another one. Carried it a lot as my winter work bag over the last couple of years, and just recently started to notice some slight start of cracking where the straps tend to bend a little and move from the petals which are the leather pieces attached to the bag. Again, I carried this bag often, though. But I asked the manager of my store about replacing the straps recently, and she said, sure, and that it would cost me $260. I said, "no thanks", and have since sold it to a friend who really wanted this bag at a good deal. I have just bought the Epi Neverfull MM. These straps seem to be more supple and have more ability for movement, like the Mono Neverfull and the Azur Neverfull (I've never tried the Idylle Neverfull). That's my story!! ;) People love this DE Neverfull, and it is a really pretty look. I just don't think those coated straps on the DE move that well. :search:
  9. Sorry to hear that! I thought about what would I do if these issues come around, I probably would first try to get new straps, if the problem still shows up I probably would sell the bag too. I'm thinking if it is worth of a risk, cause I love the look of NF and here where I live, it rains a lot and we have long winters and a lot of snow, so mono NF with vachetta probably gets easily ruined.
  10. Thank you for your answer! I love the look of the bag, it would be the perfect everyday bag for me!
  11. it is a case by case issue
  12. I am wondering if the cracks tend to happen when the bag is used in cold and dry climate. Is there anyone who has the cracking issue when you used the bag in hot and humid areas? Thanks for your input.
  13. I have had mine since 2011. Just regular wear and tear. I think some ladies may have unrealistic expectations. The way the handles are connected to the bag they bend back and forth, unlike other bags that have rings like the totally. This causes the wear and tear you typically see on the glazing and the leather. Which is probably why LV just calls it wear and tear. Because of the kind of leather, very stiff, the only solution I see would be for LV just not to produce the bag in this print.

    I do have to add that at the same time I bought mine, my sister bought a mono one. Her handles look dingy and old now and mine look great except for very minor wear and tear at the base of the handles.
  14. I just got mine last November and noticed that at the bottom part of the handle, the strap is starting to crack. It doesn't bother me much right now since it is barely noticeable. But I hope it doesn't get worse.

    I am wondering how does your bag look? You mentioned it has wear and tear, does this include the minor cracking and did it get worse? Thanks
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