Is There Still an Interest in (NWT) Older Style Koobas??

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  1. I have the opportunity to acquire the following Kooba bags from a boutique that is closing. They are brand new, with tags, definitely not fake (I know the owner of the store). Some appear to be from the older lines, as I have not heard of them (but I'm sure some of the experts here will know!) In your opinion, would any Kooba lovers be interested in any of the following? Haydon in Terraine......Claudia in Purple, and Green......Chiara in Bronze, Black and Green......Ginger in Terraine......Paige in Bourbon......Virginia in Berry and Forrest......Brooklyn in Rust......Mackenzie clutch in Raisin and Black??? Thanks for any and all opinions!
  2. Are you kidding???? How lucky are you?? There is, in my opinion, a great market for older/vintage Koobas...especially NWT! I'm sure they will sell on eBay!
  3. I agree with KoobaMe, there are a lot of us who much prefer the older Kooba styles and NWT is such a bonus.
  4. Yes!! Lucky you!! I would acquire all that I could get my hands on!! I'm still kind of yawning over the newest styles, but the Lola is capturing my interest more and more....but that's about it!
  5. Lucky! I prefer the older styles as well.
  6. That's interesting...the shop is about an hour ride away from me...I probably should drive over to see them in person, as I don't know what the different styles look like. Are there any that are more popular than others? I have heard of the Paige and Ginger, but not the others...
  7. i would love love love the chiara in black or bronze!!!
  8. If you want a quick look at the styles you can do a Google search using the style name and they will still come up with a link to view on the Kooba website. For example, here is the Chiara in I believe bronze:

  9. I would love to have a Mackenzie clutch in Black!! Take it! take it! The paige in Bourbon is a gorgeous bag! :heart:
  10. ITA with the consensus here....I dig the older styles more than the new!!
  11. Thanks!
    OMG, I'm in love with those puppies!!!:love:
  12. oh wow! lucky u! get allllll of them lol!
  13. It's like hitting the jackpot - like a hidden treasure!!! Amazing.
    I think that I would love the bronze and black Chiaras best as well. I found that the Claudias are just too darn big for me! :shame: