Is there still a waiting list for the mulberry OS alexa?

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  1. Hey Girls,

    I was wondering if there's still a waiting list for the mulberry OS Alexa in oak?
    In November im visiting my friend in London. And i was hoping to buy the Mulberry OS Alexa.
    Or should i contact the costumer service of mulberry?


  2. I'd contact customer service or the Mulberry store in London to put your name on the waiting list. I live in the US and was looking for the oak Alexa regular size. Emailed both contact email alias from Mulberry site. Got two very different responses. One said the online store did not take wait list and that I should try net-a-porter and another site I don't remember right now. Talk about giving business away. The other email I got was from the a Mulberry store in NYC that asked me to provide my phone number so that they could put me on their waiting list for the oak alexa. Weird.
  3. I don't think its as big as it used to be, or if it even exists, but i think you can sometimes come across them in the shop. Not completely sure though!
  4. I am on the OS Alexa wait list. They just called me a few days ago to make sure I still wanted to be on it and to let me know my name would be coming up soon! They being the Madison Ave Mulberry store :smile: