Is there still a Marketplace?

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  1. I would love to join - I am an OG now and have a small collection of Chanel that I'd like to sell to other trusted members of the forum.
    I've had really horrible experiences on ebay. Would really like to know how to join or apply?
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  2. Please, what's an OG? I assume not Old Girl!
  3. OG = Original Gangster. :biggrin:
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  4. Biousx ~ I don't see a reply to your question? I've also wondered abt the Marketplace but guessing it's as secret as the government hiding aliens in Utah.
  5. Vlad replied to me :smile:
  6. AND?
    (don't say if you tell me you'll have to kill me)
  7. Historically we don't discuss it since it's not open to 100% of the membership.
    Vlad recently opened a forum for people to share their auctions in however!
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  8. Why isn't it open to all the members?
  9. It’s always been kind of a privilege :smile:
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    I assumed the MarketPlace members were trusted, familiar friends from the 'old gang," meaning when TPF first started. To prevent morphing into another ebay, used by strangers of unknown character, membership has been restricted or even closed. I don't know which bc I'm not a member.
    I guess the only way for MarketPlace to open membership, would require a thorough vetting process. A costly and time consuming endeavor. Or, perhaps to qualify it's as simple as TPF longevity and/or referral?
    Are my assumptions close to reality?
  11. Kind of. Its history is more complicated because we had one, then didn’t, have changed platforms, accepted requests, etc... it’s evolved over a decade
  12. Well then, what are the membership requirements, please?
  13. no marketplace question (not so interested in that)- but I can't find the ebay-thread anymore?
  14. Here's the link
    It's in the shopping resource forum, directly under the ebay subforum

  15. Thank you so much! :heart:
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