Is there something wrong with my Chanel beige Clair?

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  1. Question - i was looking at my jumbo flaps and noticed that my beige Clair is bigger than my black one. Has anyone else has this experience? Any thoughts?

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  2. Is the black one older? It is a heavy bag so it can squish down on the bottom. I think they are all slightly unique so I wouldn't worry about it, they are very pretty!
  3. They both look lovely! It seems like the black one is sitting a bit lower on the left side, but I think the right side might be the same height as the beige.

    (Side note, is that a Medallion and a GST sitting on the top shelf? How do you get the bottom of your GST to sit up so straight? I bought mine new and store it carefully but I'm starting to see a bit of a sag at the bottom!)
  4. I’m not sure what you mean by “squish down”? The structure for both bags is still intact and neither bag sags. The black one is 2012 and I think the beige one is 2014.
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  5. So the structure of my GST is still very much like new. It’s held up very well but I’m not sure what you mean by getting the bottom to sit up straight? Also, when I store my bags I keep packaging in them to hold the structure when not in use.
  6. It might be the picture, hard to tell. I got my store bought jumbo in 2018 and it has slightly slumpy on the bottom due to very heavy weight. I rotate now on its back and upright. If you don't notice that than yours are perfectly fine and just due to hand made.
  7. I think that my beige and black medium flaps are also little bit different in size
  8. The bottom of your GST seems like it's firm and the leather is still smooth and sitting up straight. My GST sags a little bit at the bottom, even though I stuff it. It's sort of like this (not my photo, I found this on google) -
  9. ohhhhhhhh!!!! I wonder if it’s because I have also kept it stored in its box for at least 10 years before I started putting it out on my shelf???
  10. I feel like mine are drastically bigger?
  11. Oh, that's probably it! Word of warning then! Storing it upright may cause a bit of sag; I think maybe if I elevate the heavy chains a bit, that might help prevent the sagging. Your collection looks beautiful!
  12. Is authenticity your concern?
  13. Well, the quilting looks more pronounced on the beige so that adds on more visual bulk to the bag. I wouldn’t say it looks drastically much bigger.
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  14. Thank you for the advice! I’ll definitely keep an eye out! Thank you!!! My Chanel wishlist was very short and I’m so glad it’s complete! I want a WOC LOL!
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  15. Yes, it is normal. I have a few maxi's and jumbos and they have different chain lengths and are slightly different.
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