Is there something in the air?

  1. After having a bit of a bag purchase "rest" since I bought my Whiskey paddie ages ago (my one and only), I have now ordered a Moka quilted Bay from Sacoche Boutique (I am now so nervous about it's arrival I could squeal), and I'm really tempted to buy a mini Paddington Capsule in Blue Nuit for those Autumn/Winter nights out. Has someone sprinkled me with PF dust?

    Caught up on a different thread about PFers getting together - I would love that, would be good to share the company of the like-minded!
  2. Thats what happens around sale time....we all go a little crazy....I hope you like your stuff!

    Is Sacoche having a sale?
  3. SallyC, congrats on the bay!!! Did they have it at a good price?

    Mona, they are having a sale right now. I received a list of B bags marked down 50-60% off.
  4. is BBags balenciaga? Where is the sale and how much for a city?
  5. PM me with your email address, I will forward the email to you:yes:
  6. I bought the quilted Bay for £550 - it seemed almost too good to be true as I saw the exact same in House of Fraser (UK based department store) for nearly £1000. But I checked and double checked here about the store's authenticity. The sales assistant is also going to run me up a fake customs declaration for $20 so I don't get hit with custom duty. And she sent me a picture for me to drool over until it arrives!
  7. SallyC - do they have a website? I googled then but couldnt find anything
  8. If you go to the website they're listed as a authorized retailer.
    No they don't have a website but you can email and call them:yes:. They're very nice!
  9. What a great price SallyC! Is that the large or medium one?
  10. No, they don't have a website, but they will send you pictures of anything you are interested in. They are a Chloe store in Bahrain. You can phone them 00973 17587874 or e-mail them I have spoken to them over the phone and they speak good English and are very helpful. I think they are about two hours ahead of us in the UK.

    What are you tempted to buy out of interest?
  11. Ali W it is a medium one. I've just received an e-mail to say it's on its way - how exciting!