Is there someone well versed in nutrition in the house?

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  1. How long does fast food stay in your system? We had a garage sale this weekend, and I ate on the go all three days. I feel like complete crap today, and was wondering how long this will go on? I have eaten tons of veggies and had lots of water today. What else can I do?
  2. I have no idea, but it sounds like you are on the right track! Just keep doing what you are doing, I think. :smile:
  3. It depends on a few things, your normal metabolic rate, your body fat to muscle ratio, the amount of physical exercise you get, etc. What this experience did tell you is that whatever you ate was pretty nasty. You should start feeling better in a day or so, it would help if you exercise a bit. Watch "Supersize Me" and you will never eat fast food again...:huh:
  4. I saw that movie about a year ago, and had not eaten anything like that since...until this weekend. So gross! I certainly paid for it yesterday, but am feeling a little better today, thank goodness.
  5. you can have a detox weekend. I am starting mine just boil a pot of leeks and drink the juice all day, when you are hungry, you eat the actual leeks. If you do that for 2 days, it cleanses the system and acts as sort of a "pattern interrupter" so that you have a good place to start eatting well again.