Is there really a right shaped purse for body types?

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  1. Is there a particular purse shape that best suits your body type? I'm short 5'1' but overweight. So I know that I'm supposed to go with small purses but I love big purses. With the small purses I feel so huge carrying them. I usually buy structured purses but right now I'm falling in love with that a bad thing? Will I just look totally ridiculous with a bag that basically similar to my body structure?
  2. i reckon not... it has A LOT to do with your wardrobe as well. if you wear a really nice structured top and bottom, and carry a nice hobo, you'll look great!!
  3. No there is not "right" shaped purse. I find a lot of times people have preferences to size, but you can wear anything you really love. That's all that matter. I'm 5'3 and most of my bags are big, huge things and I love each one of them.
  4. I think this is like jeans - every person just has to try on a whole mess of jeans.

    And to get the right bag for you, and every outfit, you just have to try a mess of bags!

    Once you have identified a general size and shape that looks good on you, you can then build your bag collection based on that - look for that size and shape in the colors that your wardrobe - and your own likes and dislikes - demand!

    To be frank, I am not a stickler for those rules about plump ladies and small bags. I think it depends on the bag, and on the lady, and what she is wearing that day.

    One thing you can count on - and this is true whether you are plump or slender, short or tall - wherever on your body the bag "hits" is where the attention will be drawn, so if you have an ample bosom, you might not want to use a bag with a very short chain or strap, and by the same token, if you are "bottom heavy" a longer strap can cause the bag to hit right at the part of your hips that you were hoping to minimize!
  5. I'm over 6' tall, and most of my bags are small (especially by current standards). Carrying your bag with confidence is what will make it look good, not how tall you are or what size you are. Have fun!
  6. Obviously, I am bigger girl (just look at my ticker). I am short too, but I still love larger bags. To me, it looks goofy for someone with my body type to carry a tiny little bag even if I am short. I don't think there is any set rule as to what body types and what bag types go together. If you put it on your arm and you think it looks good, then you've found the right size and shape.
  7. Big accessories make the wearer look smaller, IMO. If it's a briefcase, it can add authority to a petite woman. In either case, I'd rather go larger.
  8. Thanks for all of your comments...because I love my big bags and would never give them up...

  9. These rules are funny, aren't they? Because I have heard (and believe) the exact opposite! :shrugs:

    What I have heard, re shoulder bags, is that you should carry a bag that is in direct proportion to your size.

    This is apparently because, unless the bag is enormous or very small, people tend to subconciously assume that the bag is an average size.

    So, if you are bigger (in height and/or weight) you should carry a larger shoulder bag, so that you look smaller in comparison to it. If a larger person carries a small shoulder bag they look bigger than they are, when compared to the bag.

    Conversely, if you are petite and/or thin, it is more flattering for you to carry a smaller bag. A large bag will overwhelm you and therefore, make you look smaller/thinner.

    Following this rule, a petite, but overweight, woman will look best with a medium sized bag, which will look large on her, in comparison to her height and therefore, make her look slimmer, without being so large that it makes her look shorter.

    Obviously, these rules assume that medium sized bags are in fashion.

    When large bags are 'in' and people are used to seeing people carry them, you have to adjust the ideal size upwards; therefore, at the moment, you would look fine carrying a large bag; but probably still not so good with an enormous one.

    I think SP is absolutely right about bags drawing attention to the part of the body that they are next to. Shoulder bags, like hobos, also add bulk to that area.

    I've always thought that pear-shaped women with longer bodies, shorter legs and rounder hips, generally look best with bags with short straps that 'hit' at the bust, or waistline; to draw the eye upward and to not add bulk at the hips.

    Whereas, women with big/busts and/or upper arms, shorter bodies, longer legs and less full/round hips, generally look best with low slung bags that rest against their hips; to elongate the body and to not add bulk at the bustline.

    I fall into the latter category and love my low slung hobos. :yes:
  10. I think you have to go with the amount of stuff you need to carry. Plus I think really tiny bags are more for younger girls.
  11. i think you have to try different style of bags to find the right one... i'm 5'4" and 85lbs, but i look silly in small bags (at least i thought so :P)
    i love big bags, and preferably not a bulky structured one, i love slouchy because it helps me gain more "weight"
  12. Uhhh.. I'm short and not stick thin... and I love big bags. Screw what "should" be done... and what shouldn't.

    I wear what i like. ;)
  13. Agree:yes::yes::yes:
  14. fashion rules are only 'rule' is to try everything before rushing to judgement. i am a size 12 pear shape, and would look incredibly silly carrying a small bag. i am also petite...and carry mostly 'big' bags and think i look pretty great :smile:

    something interesting...the ny post style section did an article a few years ago and discussed the most flattering way to CARRY your bag and determined it is in the crook of your arm (at your elbow). honestly, i agree - especially for us bigger ladies.

    here's some pics of me and my bags for illustration:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  15. Grechen, you carry your bags with great style, tres chic!