Is there really a difference between these two scarves?

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  1. I went to a local boutique yesterday in my area that carries the Burberry line. I picked up a mega check snood and a giant check scarf in camel (66x12 size) I was on the hunt for the longest Burberry scarf I could find but they didn't have the 82x14 size Do you think once I wrap the scarf around my neck the extra length is going to make that much of a difference to justify the $160 price difference? My husband doesn't seem to think its going to matter that much but I'm not sure if he's just saying that so we don't have to go on a wild goose chase to find this. :P
  2. there is a big difference in size with the 2 and the prints
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    It all depends on what you like! I personally love long, long, scarves, that is, as long as it's not dragging. I wouldn't listen to the husband, since he's not the one wearing it; get what you like!

    P.S. if you can't find it at Nordstrom, Saks 5th Avenue, or the Burberry store itself, just buy it online! No wild goose chase there! ;)
  4. Haha you're right! I think I will do just that!:biggrin:
  5. let me know if your in the US you can order one through me
    ill inbox the info if you are